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Keeping up with the Joneses, a term we have all heard of. I am far from perfect, and I will never claim to be perfect, as I know this not to be true of myself, and I must say I have never met anyone perfect even though they claim to be. Have you met someone perfect in all aspects of their lives?

I always used to laugh and joke about self-growth when I was younger and “invincible”; this is, I am sure, something we all thought ourselves to be when we were younger. That nothing could break us or beat us; we would conquer the world. What a horrible joke that was, I have taken some hard knocks, and ugly falls in my pursuit of adulthood.

I have made some questionable choices in my personal life and professional life as I was maturing; however, my worst choices were my terrible financial choices. The allure of credit cards and overdrafts, all the “buy now, pay later” offers up for grabs, just created an endless financial draining pit. Suppose I can teach someone something, even if only one person learns from my mistakes. My lesson to you would be, do not live beyond your means, do not fall for the illusions of “ keeping up with the Joneses. “

Keeping up with the Joneses seems so easy. You will get credit instantly; you will blow it quickly, and you will be paying it back for years to come.

Live within your means for at least a few years; I know it's not easy but trust me, life is much harder with unnecessary “idiotic/spur of the moment” purchases that take years to pay back. Only buy what you need and not what you want, you can buy desired items for yourself on “special occasions,” like birthdays or Christmas. Limit your wanted purchase to only one item so that you know it's something you really want, something so special that it had to beat all the other wants to get to the top of your list.

Believe me, I know it sounds silly, but this way, you will also determine what is necessary and important to have. It is easy to get caught in the trap of having the “nicest” things to show off and impress others, but it is truly not worth it down the line. All those expensive items stop being trendy, and suddenly you are left with debt and an item that is not as alluring as you thought it was, and more often than not, it's something you would not have purchased if it had not been a fad.

You need to decide who you are and what matters to you, is looking trendy for a few hours or weeks really worth it down the line? Life is costly in so many ways, and it could significantly impact your future if you are not careful of what decisions and choices you make. Don’t be another sheep grazing about following the herd; be unapologetically you. Stand out and be who you, I hate fitting in and having to conform to the expected social standards. Keeping up with the Joneses is costly and damaging.

I have made many mistakes, but this one cost me more than I realized it would; it will also be a lesson that I will never forget.

Have you had the same experiences?

Originally published at on December 3, 2020.

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